Turbo Yulia

Turbo Yulia was named one of the best Russian brands and I had make sure that this is true.
The designer behind the brand Yulia is based in Moscow, Russia. She studied at St. Petersburg University Of Service And Economics and graduated in 2010. Her collections are produced in Russia.Graduated from St.-Petersburg University of technology & design. Moved Moscow and established own studio in 2010. Made some capsule collections, dresses for scene, circus and perfomances inspired by futurism and artificial digital reality Yulia combines art and fashion. Her collections are inspired by futurism and artificial digital reality.
turbo yulia turbo yulia
Highsnobity writes: “Headed up by Yulia Makarova, avant garde futurist brand Turbo Yulia aim to merge art and fashion with each collection. Navigating through the brand’s bizarre aesthetic, one shouldn’t be surprised to find aerodynamic helmets, iridescent holographic textile, or vivid prints of horses and girls. Since the brand was instituted in 2010, Turbo Yulia has not only delivered seasonal collections, but has also contributed bespoke pieces for theatre and circus performances.” And with her AW13 pieces she has proven that she deserves to be named to be one of the best Russian brands.
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Pictres via Turbo Yulia
Foto: Maria Yastrebova (BIRDDIE), Models: Kolia Molochniy, Katia Yastrebova, Kolia Paystov, Кsenia Dranish, Maria Bel, Make up: Nika Kisliak

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