New Face: Ellen Elias

Let me introduce you to a new face. A person that is on every Tumblr and Streetstyle Blog as soon as she enters any Fashion Week, any concert or party. Why? Because her look is absolutely unique and her energy intrigues everybody within a radius of 50m. Meet my friend Ellen Elias.

New Face: Ellen Elias
Ellen is a stylist based in Stockholm/Sweden and became a good friend of mine during my last visit in New York City. Not only is Ellen’s style on some next level shit, but she is absolutely humble. During an interview with Strangers & Candy she says: “The thing with me is that I don’t like to call myself a fashionista or being into fashion. I don’t like that label. It’s more about being creative. I like creative people and I like to call myself a creative mind. ”
New Face: Ellen Elias
Her works speak for her, but here is what I love about Ellen: she. herself, is part of her work. Like she is expressing it all of through herself, if that makes any sense… Talking about how she got into styling, she says:  “I was always into styling. Even when I think back to my childhood I used to style friends and family and forced them to wear different garments and outfits. So it was always an interest, but I never thought of it being something I could do professionally. And then when I grew up people were coming up to me and offering me jobs and asking me to style for this and for that. One thing led to another.”
New Faces Ellen Elias

And there is so much more to get to know about Ellen, her work and her vision. So please make sure to read the full interview now on Strangers & Candy.

Pictures via Madeleine DC


8CUFF is a menswear brand based in Hong Kong and Shanghai, the label is targeting sport-lux street wear brand, inspired by social issues. And I honestly think that I have blogged about the same collection like last year. And to be up on this blog for a second time is proof that after all these weeks the FW15 collection is still brilliant and is able to fascinate me for a second time around. Tbh I just think that either a couple of looks were added to FW15 (which is not a bad thing at all) or I didn’t do my research correct (which is probably the actual reason for wrtiting about 8CUFF again).

However 8CUFF creates uncompromising visuals from found image and the designers own paintings on the subject “Corruption” structured symmetrical shapes form the sport-lux street wear collection. Take a look:
8CUFF 10847834_795820757146600_3092283149071929014_n 10850005_795846923810650_6367606070677124415_n 1601085_795869767141699_5809588117507455821_n 10501706_795775320484477_1494856050974203895_n
Pictures via 8CUFF
Model : Eryk Syzmański, Yang Hoon – Photographer: Egill Bjarki – Make up : Linda Face Slap – Hair styling : Tim Wong BTW- Workshop – Styling : Laeticia. E