Julian Zigerli SS16

Julian Zigerli presented his Spring/Summer 2016 collection during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, overtaking a public park to stage a guerrilla fashion show. All the guests were informed about the secret location via text message earlier the day. And the idea of a secret fashion show is the dopest thing ever. And thank God the spot was next to my hotel…

Inspired by a recent trip to Japan, Julian Zigerli‘s spring-summer 2016 collection “White Rabbit” plays with the strong contrasts that can be found in the Japanese culture, naturally flirting with the cute and lovely as much as with the dark and twisted.
For this collection, the prints are the result of an encounter made in Tokyo with Seitaro Ito, the illustrator behind ‘Foxy Illustrations’ – famous for his hand drawn vintage looking characters, including some cheeky and rather sarcastic bunnies, teddy bears and pin-ups.
Julian Zigerli has built upon these cute drawings to develop an aesthetic focused on the handmade feel of illustration, playing with the proportions of the cartoon characters, fake shadow effects, ink stains and wooden finishing. A visual language applied on shades of light blues, greys and darker tones to bring a slightly dramatic dimension to the collection – setting the scenery in one of those haunted Japanese forests, whilst chasing this kawaii white rabbit! Good stuff y’all.
julian zigerli