Chanel Cruise Seoul

Chanel Cruise Seoul just happened.
And this collection is actually one of the better ones (don’t kill me for saying that). Karl Lagerfeld is taking traditional elements from the Korean culture and combining it with the typical Chanel look. And maybe my fantasy is too much right now, but some looks remind me of a kick ass Street Fighter character.  Like a couture kick ass character.

However, you are the first one to see:
Chanel Cruise Seoul Chanel Cruise Seoul Chanel Cruise Seoul tumblr_nnu7h4O5gD1qdvqv2o3_1280 tumblr_nnu2plP8bi1u3rp6lo1_1280 tumblr_nnub53D8rC1so7o2bo1_540 tumblr_nnu6irTtp11ruoqrro1_1280

Chanel FW15, can I order some?

This right here is again a mandatory post and long overdue. Like long overdue. It’s so long overdue that I feel like I am loosing the title as ChanelKid. But however this time I am showing you Chanel FW15, but from a male perspective and only focusing on the menswear. And this is why: Coco and the whole brand is considered to be a female brand, but still you can find so much masculinity. And not a lot of labels can catch femininity and masculinity  the way Karl Lagerfeld/ Chanel does. I could discuss this forever, but fuck it, I don’t have the time for it right now.

However for this FW15 collection CC is taking us to another “real life situation”, a french brasserie. Et voilà:
Chanel FW15 Chanel FW15 Chanel FW15 FW15
Pictures via Fucking Young

Chanel Kid Competition


Always wanted to be a Chanel Kid?
Well, here is your chance!  Since Chanel Salzburg is happening tomorrow, we thought it’s the perfect time for you to win 3 Chanel lipsticks.

All you have to do is following:
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And this right here is what you can win:
ChanelThe competition is ending on 7th Decemeber 2014. And the winner will be announced a couple of days later. And of course you must be 18+ years old.

So tell your friends, your mom,  your neighbors, basically everybody…
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