Sadak is exploring dark obsessions

As usual this is long time over due. But meanwhile life happened and I ain’t sorry, I ain’t sorry, nah, I ain’t sorry. Maybe a little bit, cuz I like Sadak so much. Actually this label is making Berlin Fashion Week worth going. No hate tho.

The AW  2016  collection,  designed by  Sasa  Kovacevic  in collaboration   with   HRH   Prince   Fahad   bin   Faisal   al   Saud, is translating the elements of folk symbols and disrupting traditional technique  into  digital  contemporary  design. HRH   Prince   Fahad   bin   Faisal   al   Saud  and  Sasa  Kovacevic  were  exploring  the  darkest obsessions through  powerful  silhouettes,  where  the  precision  of  tailoring  is used   to  a   backdrop   to   showcase   fragments   of   history  and  an intimate reality.

The   collection   mixes   a   variety   of   design   prints   and   colors, influenced by the strong urban culture layered together with high end sportswear and a fitted tailoring. using organic cotton fabrics and  silk  in addition to contrast  with  extraordinary  designed  prints demonstrating   masterful   construction,   a   sporty  elegance and pride in individuality.
Sadak Sadak Sadak BK5A6590 BK5A6614 BK5A6497
Pictures via Sadak

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